Sunday, 26 October 2014

home life

 my latest reads. mezz and tazz's Hundreds and Thousands mag is onto it's third edition. you can purchase a copy here. I've also found this op-shopped copy all about bee keeping very interesting.

a new op-shopped Johnson plate ($1). another design to add to the collection. 

pretty Pyrex ($4) in a buttery shade.

floral sheets ($2) 

 little Mitten

banana and hazelnut cake. a couple of pieces for now and the rest packaged up in greaseproof paper and washi tape and popped in the freezer to see us through the week.

I tried this recipe for salted banana caramel mousse which was just delicious. it's refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan.
a parcel filled with handmade goodies arrived in the mail this week from the lovely Tracy.
what loveliness has been filling your days of late?


  1. Mitten is a little cutie. Looks mischievous too. Lovely op shop finds Zara.

  2. Life looks bright and cheerful at your place Zara. I like the sound of Hundreds and Thousands...there is just so much beautiful reading material out there I can barely keep up. Happy Sunday x

  3. Those books look lovely and sound interesting. I met a lady yesterday at the calligraphy workshop who keeps bees in her suburban block, I would have loved to chat to her more about them. Oh my your cat is lovely and that dessert sounds delicious. Have a wonderful week Zara. xx

  4. Lovely floral sheets there, and great little parcel....just the kind I like too! :) xxx

  5. Yum! I love petite kitchens recipes! Her books are beautiful. Such a great idea wrapping slices of cake up with washi too! Hope you enjoy the mag. Xx

  6. Lovely photographs Zara, Little Mitten is gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous things as always....I'd love to see your linen collection and where you keep it all! Leisa. Xx

  8. Aw, Mittens is adorable! I also love the way you've packaged the cake - so cute!
    I'd love to keep bees one day - I can't decide whether I want bees or pigs to be the next addition (although both are a fair way off!). I've been meaning to look in our local library to see if they have any books on them - it's quite a tiny little library so it can be hard finding things sometimes :-)

    I hope you had a good weekend!
    Sarah x

    PS I left a rather lengthy reply to your question about the calf/milking cow on my blog :-)

  9. I've just discovered your gorgeous blog and love it :-) I'm a member of a vintage trade group on Facebook you might like, lots of Aussie (and overseas) folk swapping Pyrex etc.

  10. I am loving that sunflower plate so cool. I love a good op-shop find, I must go again soon.


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