Saturday, 18 October 2014

field day attire

today we made the drive to Murrumbateman to visit the annual Murrumbateman Field Days.
the sun was shining, a perfect Spring day really. there was so much to look at, and dream of one day buying for a farm of our own.
there are hundreds of exhibitors including cute Belted Galloway cattle, bags of freshly picked apples, fudge, solar panels, tractors, worm farms, alpaca scarves and blankets, chooks, timber furniture and vegie seedlings... a bit of everything really.

chambray shirt: retail
jeans: op-shopped (Sportscraft)
timber sunglasses (made from eco-friendly bamboo): down that little lane
satchel: op-shopped
wooden beads: op-shopped
boots: Baxter Boots and Shoes (a little purchase from this Goulburn-based business)
hat: Akubra

both the boots and hat are new purchases and both are in keeping with my ethical clothing pledge. Akubra and Baxter boots are accredited through Ethical Clothing Australia.


  1. Snap! We were at our local Field's Day (we call it the A & P Show) yesterday. Loving your outfit xo

  2. You look gorgeous Zara! I found an Akubra in the local CWA thrift shop for a crazy $1.00 for David!!

  3. I love the sound of the freshly picked apples and the fudge. Nice sounding day!

  4. What a lovely day, certainly sounds like something I'd like spend a weekend doing. You look lovely and relaxed . Love the last pic.

  5. Love a good Field Day, we used to go to the Mudgee Field Day every look gorgeous! Is that Fast Ed? x

    1. It sure is Fast Ed. He was more than happy to pose for a couple of pics too.

  6. It's Fast Eddie! Looking good Zara! Xx

  7. Love the outfit - you make an akubra look classic and stylish! And love Fast Eddie too! x


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