Friday, 16 August 2013

out-and-about: Berrima

our days off coincided this week so a little drive up the highway and we ended up at Berrima, a quaint little town with lovely old buildings lining the streets.
a visit to the lolly shop and the old preserves shop later and we had bags laden with fudge, chocolates, boiled sweets and jars of apricot and passionfruit jam.
a rather fancy lunch of lamb, smashed chats and caramelised celery made for a lovely sunny winters day out.
have you discovered any little nearby towns that you just love to visit?


  1. The image of the chair hanging on the wall reminds me of an old western movie I once saw wherein the lady of the house would make everybody hang their dining chair on a hook on the wall after they'd eaten, so as not to encourage unnecessary sitting around. That somehow appealed to me, though I haven't yet resorted to it.
    Beautiful images as always, Berrima looks absolutely lovely.

  2. I love your photos. Your lunch looks delicious and I too like the photo of the chairs on the wall, especially the shadows. There are many small towns around my area that we have visited; we love the little cafes and coffee shops and general stores.

  3. Sounds like a lovely place to visit.

  4. I enjoyed a brisk walk early one frosty morning when we had a weekend in Berrima some years ago. It is one of my favourite country towns.
    Since moving to N.E. Victoria we've discovered some quaint small towns within our local area (our town is one of them!), and more just a little further afield.
    You've captured some nice images yet again, Zara.

  5. I have only been to Berrima a couple of times and the first time was in the middle of winter 1987 when I was a student nurse and I was sent to work at Kenmore (old psych hospital) for 6 weeks! We ventured to Berrima and I still have a cane basket I bought there and a thimble. Funny the things you remember. Your photos made be remember! Loved seeing it again through your lens.

  6. Oh my your day adventuring sounds absolutely divine, a perfect date day in my books. That lamb looks delicious, goodness me its wrong how much I love lamb.......sorry to the vegetarians reading that.

  7. Berrima looks like a beautiful place. It has been so good to catch up with your blog, Ann


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