Friday, 30 August 2013

around home: the last days of winter

with the final days of winter here it's a flurry of activity around the house and garden. it really is a lovely time of the year for getting outside in the sunshine and for freshening and rearranging indoors.

the beautifully composted bottom tray of the worm farm has been added to the vegie beds all ready for spring planting. and the garden beds are full of worms too, with the mushroom compost beautifully rich and sweet smelling. there's grand plans for pumpkin and watermelon vines clambering over fences and the shed roof. tomatoes and basil and beans too.

an egg a day from the chooks is a very welcome addition to the menu (though two of the chooks appear to be a bit more rooster than chook so there may be some returns when the early morning crowing begins).

on the food front, there's a bit of a health kick happening. cutting out the bread and just simply sticking to the wholefood, back-to-basics idea. fresh juices and smoothies here I come.

on the bedside table at the moment are super grains: eat your way to great health by Chrissy Freer and the good life: four glorious seasons in my country garden by Sarah O'Neil; both of which I am enjoying.

as for sewing and setting up shop it's slow and steady progress. not much sewing this past week though I plan on getting stuck into it shortly. the whole shop idea can be a bit overwhelming at times.

how are you spending these final days of winter?



  1. yellow are those eggs Zara xx

  2. Enjoying the light, lengthening days, blossom everywhere....pretty times.

  3. Looks delicious. I have managed to harvest some garlic and remainder of our onions and now looking forward to the change in season ahead. xoxo

  4. The weather's just glorious here Zara, though warming up with frightening haste. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Looks like you are getting some glorious sunshine too Zara, hope this gets you fired up to fill that shop. Your chookies eggs look fantastic. mel x

  6. Beautiful images. I love the chickens in the background of your first image. And those yellow yolks...yum!

    I have also spent the last couple of days of winter out in the garden. We've had beautiful weather so I've put compost on the garden and sown some veggie seeds. It's been beautiful. xx

  7. Unfortunately I am enjoying the last days of summer here. I feel like winter just ended and cannot believe it's almost that time again. I think I'll follow the sun! ;)


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