Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Send it Forward + My week

It's been a busy week so far. I commenced my New Graduate year at the hospital, and although I'm pretty exhausted from the early starts, I'm really enjoying it. All the staff are lovely and are so very helpful, so really what more can I ask for. It's a half hour drive from home, but it is a nice drive with great views of the country side.

Before I forget I thought I best decide on two recipients for my handmade tea towel cushion covers as my contribution to the Send it Forward idea. And so those two are Lea of We Like to Make Stuff and Peta of The Sea and Me Change (both lovely blogs if you haven't already popped over to see them). If you two ladies could please send your postal details I can get them sent off to you. 

We had a little visitor in the garden during the week too in the form of a youngster blue-tongue lizard. He's more than welcome to stay too with a bit of a snail population around at the moment. He stays pretty camouflaged as I can often hear a bit of rustling of the mulch but can't see him.

Someone else trying their hand at a bit of camouflage is this one...

matching the colours perfectly.

I have the weekend off and am planning it already, I know it's only Wednesday but I can't help it. I'm hoping to get in a bit of thrifting (which I have missed all week), maybe a picnic at the park; and a bit of sewing. Plus a visit to the nursery to pick up a couple of hardy pot plants. Any suggestions for what will grow well on a verandah either side of the front door, that maybe receives an hour or so direct sun in the morning? The current two were looking quiet sick when we moved here and they're in need of replacements.

Well hoping you all have a wonderful rest of the week. x


  1. I asked my mum about the plants (shes a gardner) if you want a fragranced one Murrayas a good and can be shaped how you like.

  2. Oh, that blue tongue is so sweet. I'm impressed that you caught him. Our baby one is pretty quick and very shy. You can hear them rustling around, can't you?!

    Your new home is sounding perfect!

  3. oh my! I love my eyes open for a lovely white one

  4. Beautiful blue Hydrangea's on your mantle Zara. I'm glad you're enjoying working as a "real" nurse after all that study!
    I (finally) posted your little Orange present yesterday, so keep an eye out for the postie.

    p.s. Murraya's smell heavenly, just like orange maybe Em's Mum's tip is the perfect choice for your little cottage.

  5. Aww kitty is so cute and clever.

  6. ha! that cat pic is brilliant! have a great week x

  7. Ficus Bejamina"midnight Beauty" is Mr VL's suggestion(he's a hortaculturist who works in a nursery)or dwarf Lillypilly which is nwhat we have in front of our front door

  8. Enjoy your first week, and splurging that first paycheck! Love that last photo, nothing better at all than milk glass and hydrangeas. melx

  9. Oh yippeee thank you so much Zara. Lucky me! LOVE your milkglass and hydrangeas and so great to hear you are enjoying your job. You have the power to make such a difference to people, whether it be through your care or just a kind word. I have fond memories of the many beautiful nurses that care for our big girl.

  10. Nice to hear your first week at work is going well, Zara. It IS indeed a pleasant drive to work for you, I know that road well.

    Seeing that I failed miserably with plant suggestions for my daughter's verandah in the same town, I won't offer any! (I hadn't taken into consideration those bitter frosts which creep onto verandahs in that region!)

    What a lovely cat you have, so colour-coordinated to your floor!

    I love blue-tongue lizards. You can look forward to the crunching sound of him feasting on snails on a still night!!

  11. OMG you're my hero.... I have the hugest fear of blue-tongue lizards and there you are, holding a baby one. I don't dislike them, as such, but they almost give me heart failure when I just see a picture of them.
    Great photo of the cat.... I totally relate, having 2 black and white cats and a black and white tiled floor. And what beautiful hydrangeas.
    Glad you are enjoying your new life in the country. :)

  12. Maybe some potted hydrangeas! Watch out for that camouflaged kitty sneaking up on your lizard friend. Hunting heaven!


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