Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Around here...

A cute little parcel arrived from the lovely Kylie, a housewarming gift. The fitting coasters are on the coffee table as we speak and the tea towel is awaiting transformation into a bag, or maybe another cushion. Thank you for the kind thought.

And the sweetest tote bag made its home with me. Designed and illustrated by Stella of The Golden Adventures of a very dark horse, featuring the two chooks and my favourite flowers; my prize for the Tote Bag Competition. Absolutely perfect and receiving heaps of use. Thank you.

A bit of sewing of late, with yet another tea towel cushion cover made...

 and some fantastic op-shopped finds were had today (one of which is where the above cushion now resides). 

And I was actually able to get two cushions from the one tea towel, these Kangas were at the bottom of the farm scene above.

And after reading farmer Yvette's post a little while back, I also took up farming, worm farming that is. We don't have a 'Green' bin here (unlike before we moved), and I didn't much like having to chuck all the kitchen scraps in the garbage, it seemed like such a waste, so this little investment was made with my first pay cheque.

The garden sure will be appreciative of the 'worm tea' that will hopefully result from these little guys doing their thing and breaking down all the scraps.

How has your week been travelling so far?


  1. Love the cushion with the cattle and homestead Zara :)

  2. Gorgeous cushions! So great you've found op shop treasures in your new patch of the world. And worm farms are such fun...enjoy!! :)x

  3. Ooh, a worm farm. Is it one of the worm cafes? If so, it's my kind of cafe. Isn't it exciting. I got a worm farm in December last year. I found it took longer than expected for the worms to eat through the coir. I'm only just starting to give them food scraps now. I think I might have lazy worms. You're right, the worm juice is fantastic. x

  4. I can't wait to see how your worm farm goes. Where did you get it? Just a hardware store?

    I especially love your Kangaroo cushion ... we watched a doco on Canberra's urban kangaroos last night. Fascinating!

    And isn't that Kylie a sweet heart? And I could pick Stella's illustration straight away! Loved this post!

  5. Gorgeous cushion covers and what a sweet gift from Kylie! xx

  6. Chook tote, worm farm and scraps, farm tea towel cushions....when are you getting the chickens? I love your cushions and have a few tea towels here to convert. Give us a tutorial...please!

  7. I am back amongst the living...great cushions! Hope you have better luck with you worms than I did...mine got overrun with yucky mealy grubs.

  8. A worm farm! How exciting! I hope they make lots of goodness for your garden! I only recently started using the worm poos and you wouldn't BELIEVE how my new cuttings love the poos!

    I love your teatowel cushions too!!

  9. Love your farm cushion and go the worm farm- we love ours and they can sure chew through the scraps. And agree with Annie, when are the chooks coming? melx


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