Thursday, 29 December 2011

This year...

Wow another year nearly over. How the time has flown. And what a year it has been, I started this little blog, and have gotten to know so many wonderful fellow bloggers thorough their delightful blogs. It's lovely to know there's so many others out there with interests so similar to my own.
This year also saw the completion of three years of Uni, all those hours spent researching and essay writing, all the travel and weeks away on practical, all the time spent focusing on Uni, with 'life' pushed to the side has finally been made worthwhile.

The new year will bring with it new beginnings- a new house, in a new area, and a new job. I'm so excited at it all, but a little bit overwhelmed too.

Currently, I'm a bit stuck between the winding down of the year, and all the packing and organising that's required with moving. I'm going with the plan of packing a couple of boxes every day, and slowly but surely we're getting there.

 A spot of reading, am loving 'Decorate'.

Living out of boxes

 Putting to good use this Christmas present, with a batch of roast pumpkin soup, and several banana and mango smoothies

 The cleaning and organising has yielded some long lost treasures

So to all of you that have commented, emailed and/or sent mail throughout the year, I wish to say thank you so very much, it means a lot. I know especially with comments, it means so much to know that my post's are being read and acknowledged. I hope to improve my commenting on your posts this coming year, as I'm sure you feel the same receiving them too. 

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. x


  1. Hello

    I've only just discovered your blog. It's lovely and also inspiring.

    Good luck with everything. It sounds like you have some exciting times ahead.


  2. You have a lot of exciting new things coming your way yay!! I love finding lost things. Comments make me pretty darn happy too. Have a wonderful New Year


  3. Happy new Year lovely girl, we're nearly there x

  4. It only seems yesterday I was embarking on the same adventure at the same time of year ... a new town, new job, new home, and all the apprehension that goes with it, not to mention the packing and culling! I hope you love your new job and your new location, but please don't empty my favourite Op Shop there!! I also hope you'll still find time to blog regularly, I love visiting.

  5. new job, city and house-how exciting! all the best in the new year x

  6. A new house sounds like a very exciting way to start the new year. I look forward to seeing it all with your good op shop booty in situ!

  7. Congratulations on completing your studies! And what an exciting time you have ahead of you! Sounds like 2012 is going to be a great year...and who knows what terrific new op shops you may discover along the way ;)

  8. Zara, happy new year to you. Thankyou for your wonderful comments this past year, I've been most remiss, something I hope to remedy ... hhmmm a new year's resolution perhaps.

  9. Happy new year to you - good luck with the move, so many new beginnings!

    And ps. I do love how you tend to rediscover things when you pack/unpack!


I love receiving comments, so a big thank you from me to you. x