Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Creative Space & a Give-away Winner

Today a second cushion was added to the first from last week, using the same construction and elements, and another bird tea towel. This one too came in at under $2. At this rate I'll have to set up shop.

Add your creative creations here.

Now for the winner of my little give-away. Firstly thank you to everyone of you lovely bloggers who entered. To draw the winner the tried and tested method of names in a hat, or in this case a colander, was used.

And the winner is...

 Tammi of Little Poppa. Congratulations Tammi!

And I thought why not have a second prize, of which will be another string of handmade bunting. And so the next name drawn...

Annie of artistica domestica. Congratulations to Annie!

If you two could email me your details I shall get your goodies packaged up and in the post ASAP.


Thanks again to everyone who entered and hopefully another give-away wont be too far off.


  1. Just wanted to saw I love your header!


  2. Yeehah! I don't win stuff- and I love me a bit of jolly bunting! Thanks very much, Ms Zaranne!!

  3. Well I must say happy I am to have won your gorgeous giveaway Zara...thank you so much :)


  4. Such a pretty cushion you've made Zara. I love Australian native birds, they are beautiful. Congratulations to the winners, such deserving winners and so lucky too:) Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. I've been trying to think of a nice home sewn gift to give my boyfriends grandma to say thanks for lending me her sewing machine while we were in Oz and your rainbow lorikeets have given me the perfect idea! Now I just need to find some fabric thats as lovely as your tea towels, thanks for the inspiration. xx


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