Thursday, 8 September 2011


Yesterday brought with it more assignment writing. But it wasn't all bad, with the postie delivering 2 parcels in the one day...I love getting mail and you can't get much better than a parcel, and double the goodness with two.
The first was for the Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter swap, 30 lovely FQ's, all ready and waiting to be turned into something beautiful. I'm thinking a quilt, but this might be a bit adventurous as I haven't really done any quilting I'm not sure. Any ideas?

The second parcel was from Red Tractor Designs, from whom I'd ordered a couple of things. Their stationary is so very cute, depicting farm scenes and animals, gardening and baking, all illustrated by Rachael Flynn. I got gift cards, wrapping paper, a notepad and a couple of magnets.
Next comes the hard part of having to give them away.

And today has seen a spot of baking. Apricot loaf to be exact..delicious and moist.

Recipe to follow tomorrow


  1. What a great selection of vintage fabrics! I've never quilted anything, so I can't offer advice on that subject. You'll have to let us know what you decide to make.

    Apricot loaf sounds delicious!

  2. wow, that fabric selection is amazing!
    have fun with that.

    just popped by & really like it over here!

    happy day to you ♥

  3. Wow! That selection of fabric sure is gorgeous...I would quilt with it though have no idea where to start.

  4. It would have been a nice distraction in the assignment writing to stop and open such delightful packages:) I'll have to pop by tomorrow for that recipe, sounds yummy. Hope the assignment writing goes well. x

  5. Wow you have some beautiful fabrics there-the long photo is cool too! You have to have a go at quilting (not that I can, I am too scared to try!!!), maybe something small first, like for a bag?

  6. Love that fabric! I really want a quilt made from vintage sheets. I have to learn how to make one first! Good luck!

    E :)

  7. look at that fabric!!!!!!!!!! i was too busy to take part this time round as i was busy making art for the exhibition....wish i had got my butt into gear, they look divine. looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  8. eye-spy a piece of my sheet in there!


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