Friday, 16 September 2011

Goings On

This week I have been enjoying a bit of free time before I get back into Uni work with four weeks of placement starting on Monday with the dreaded 5am alarm clock set once more.

I purchased my first rotary cutter and sew square, and started cutting up the vintage fat quarters from the Vintage Sheet Swap, so many pretty designs.

The broad beans are flowering, so hopefully it wont be too long before harvest time. I haven't grown them before so I'll just have to see how they go.

I used the rhubarb picked fresh from the vegie garden in a rhubarb cobbler, to which I added a few strawberries to the mixture. It didn't last a day so I'll count that recipe as a success.

Sushi for dinner last night, my favourite combination- smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber.

Half a dozen duck eggs awaiting... I'm thinking sponge cake. Anyone had experience baking with duck eggs?

While the fiancĂ© went for a body board I investigated the shore in the lovely morning sunshine.

And displaying a few treasures on a new Op-shop find, note the puppy dog seated on a lap in the photo.


  1. What a perfect photo for you to find Lara, I love that you've given it a new home.

  2. The rhubarb cobbler looks super yummy. I don't have any experience with baking with duck eggs but they are supposed to be very good.

  3. I love that photo! I think I need to buy a rotary cutter I'm terrible with sissors.

    E :)

  4. I've heard duck eggs are really good for baking. I think they would be great in a sponge. Such an interesting photo. Have a lovely weekend xo

  5. I was given a rotary cutter for my birthday in June and I am still using scissors...I feel old and not able to make the leap!

  6. I've never used duck eggs before, so I don't have any advice! :-( I'm sure whatever you do with them will be fabulous. I wish I could find them here--I'd like to try them out. You'll have to let us know what you decide to make!

    Your cobbler looks delicious and I'm sure you're excited about your broad beans. I know I'm looking forward to a harvest of green beans here in a few weeks!

  7. I have a rotary cutter and board. They are absolutely fantastic. Up there with an overlocker.

    What do you plan on making with your squares? It's nice to have some spare time to do things you enjoy.

    I've never used duck eggs either, so can't give any advice. I'm sure you'll whip up something gob-quackingly delicious with them though.

  8. what gorgeous photos. i need to get myself a rotary cutter. rhubarb and heart stones? love!


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