Friday, 10 June 2011

Favourites Friday

Well today I had my final Uni exam. Now just to wait and hope for good results. More crafting, gardening and baking planned for the mid semester break. I can't wait.

Today's favourites are a few from the vegie garden. What beautiful and functional blooms, providing colour and attracting all those beneficial insects.

Marigolds (self seeded from last years plants)

Eggplant flowers

Apple cucumber

This plant, related to the sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke produces edible tubers underground. We harvested one plant today, with about a dozen tubers. Thay taste like a cross between an apple and watermelon, with the texture of a potato.

A happy long weekend to all.


  1. I hope you get the results you're hoping for.
    Your vegie garden is looking very pretty Zara...I've never heard of Yacon before, sounds interesting, can you eat it raw or do you have to cook it?

  2. Kylie,
    You can just eat it raw on its own or put in a salad. Once the tubers are harvested if left for a week or two before eating the flavour gets sweeter. They can also be made into a syrup or tea.

  3. I must Google this Yacon, I have never heard of it either, sounds interesting, is it easy to grow?
    It's nice to see flowers in the veggie patch, as well as being very pretty, it also means there are veggies on the way! :)

  4. Found some great info on Yacon. (see link below) Ground Apple or Apple of the Earth, You've made my day, thanks for sharing this new 'Sweet Root'
    Did you plant yours from seed or tuber? I am hoping to buy some from here:
    Have a nice weekend! :)

  5. Yakon is new to me too, how facinating! Enjoying the flowers as we have none at all left now in the garden here x

  6. Gooseberry Jam:
    I grew mine from a tuber, they already had a stem and a few leaves. I purchased them at one of the local Farmers Markets.


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