Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fabulous Finds

This weeks Op-Shopping has been a bit scarce, with an assignment due next week, and three uni exams too, I have been at home with my head in the text books.

My finds include this cute little hedgehog toothpick holder, all of 50 cents.

This cat silhouette was unpainted when I bought it for $1, all that was needed was a coat of black paint. It makes you look twice when you see it out the corner of your eye when entering the room.

And finally this tablecloth was picked up for $2, the adorable Tilly had to get in the photo too. I now have this Queensland tablecloth to add to the WA one I got a while back... now to find the rest of the country.


  1. I really love the silhouette kitty cat. I love silhouettes they are so simple and lovely. I also was fascinated with the toothpick holder. Very unique item. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute finds, I love the tablecloth. I just keep finding Tasmania:) (I have 3 now)

  3. hehe... love the kitty silhouette, I would probably be startled every time I saw it out of the corner of my eye!

  4. That hedgehog is adorable. I want one!

  5. That hedgehog is so awesome! I wouldn't be able to give that one up.

  6. That tablecloth is outstanding! And for only $2! Great find :)


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