Sunday, 26 June 2011

Charming Kitchen Catches

With my Fiance's reduced work hours, our Op-Shopping outings have increased.. Yay, lucky me. All this weeks Op-Shop finds have a kitchen theme.

This cute tea towel to add to the growing collection.

Two kitchen chairs. They need a bit of work, but are so comfortable. $5 each. 'Tilly' always has to get in on the photo shoots.

A colander ($2). Fairly solid and heavy as far as colanders go. Well used, and showing its age, so perfect for...
displaying my buttons.

And this Corningware dish. Perfect size for the microwave.


  1. I love the colander for your buttons, I have been looking for somewhere to keep my buttons and I think this would be perfect!

  2. Love visiting your finds Zara. I have a number of corningware dishes that my mum gave and use them ALL the time.

  3. more time for op shopping is ALWAYS a good thing! :) Nice finds!

  4. LOVE that tea towel ! I am on a mission to find great tea towels at the moment...have a great week, hopefully with some happy thrifting :)

  5. Great stuff! Love the chairs!

  6. Great finds! Your buttons look fabulous displayed in the colander.

  7. Hi Zara, I wanted to let you know that I have just made those lemon coconut brownies you posted about a few days ago...all I can say is yum! yum! yum! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
    I hope you've entered my vintage tea towel might be lucky and win another one to add to your collection x

  8. Your finds are all great, and your kitty is so sweet!


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