Wednesday, 16 April 2014

wearing: lotta from stockholm

another wearing post.
you'd be right if you thought you'd seen this dress before, I shared it with you at the end of 2013. Gosh I cant believe that was nearly 4 months ago. the year is just flying on by.
this time I styled it a little differently and paired it with my latest purchase, a pair of Lotta from Stockholm clogs. I had been admiring these lovely little clogs for months and decided to treat myself to not one but two pairs.
and in keeping with my ethical clothing pledge these shoes are constructed from sustainably sourced and produced materials.

dress: handmade from a vintage sheet
belt: op-shopped
clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
earrings: swap meet


  1. Love the clogs,love the earrings xxxx

  2. That dress is divine....the fabric & the style. Suits you so much. I adore the clogs too. I'd love a 'real' pair, but I'm worried the clog bit would be too hard to wear for long on my pesky feet. Xx

  3. I LOVE my Lotta from Stockholm clogs - I have not one but three pairs, tan, red and black

  4. Ohhh I missed this dress the first time, it's lovely on you. I still have a bundle of florals to send you. Sweet clogs and stunning earrings.

  5. Just beautiful Zara. You did such a lovely job of the dress and if fits perfectly. Are those clogs comfy? It's hard to layer dresses with the cold weather and these might be good with stockings I'm thinking.


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