Friday, 3 January 2014

fashion pledge for 2014.

last year (sounds odd doesn't it) i really enjoyed sharing a few wearing posts. most of my outfits were of the handmade variety.. dresses from vintage sheets and my very favourite tea towel dress from Pearl & Elspeth.
this year i hope to share more outfit posts all while (trying my best) to stick to an ethical fashion approach. so I've signed up with Pip of Meet Me at Mikes and the Year of Ethical Fashion 2014. you too can join in and make the commitment...

i did my first op-shopping for the year yesterday and i managed to find a denim shirt and retro shorts for myself, so far so good.
what do you think? will you join in?


  1. Way to go Hun. I look forward to seeing more what you wore posts. X

  2. I just signed up. Great idea, see how I go!

  3. I am doing it as well…I am going to try to not buy anything at all but if I have to I will source it from an op shop, a friend's closet or an ethical designer.
    I am interested to see how we all go!

  4. Awesome pledge zara. Can't wait to follow your journey x

  5. Very excited for you Zara, and also for me as I get to see all the amazing creations you will sew! I would love to sew myself clothes, I did recently get as far as cutting out a pattern, hoping to pick it up again when the kids are back at school. mel x

  6. It's a fabulous idea, isn't it? I haven't had any luck finding any second hand maternity clothes lately, so I have already brought a few new items to tie me over until the baby is born in May. But I will be watching your challenge with interest and cheering you on! :)

  7. Well done Zara. I can't wait to see your creations. I won't be joining you with the challenge but I will watch with interest and will endeavour to get cracking at some sewing for me. I have already made a couple of skirts this year that have been gifted. Good luck!


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