Thursday, 16 January 2014

bright pink wearing.

in keeping with my fashion pledge for 2014 I'm sharing another outfit with you lovelies. all that I'm wearing is ethically produced, op-shopped or is an existing piece from my wardrobe.

this dress is a new favourite. a purchase from little tienda. their beautiful dresses and tops are handcrafted in Mexico supporting rural artisans.
worn with a newly op-shopped leather belt ($1). deadwood creative bracelet crafted from an old skateboard. satchel handbag also op-shopped ($5). and jelly bean sandals.

i wore this little outfit today for a picnic lunch at the park in the shade, trying to escape the scorching temps.

hope you are keeping cool. x


  1. Hi Zara, I love your dress and your bag, great outfit. I adore little tienda, both my daughter and I have one piece each. I have been trawling through their website for weeks trying to justify buying more!? Next summer maybe. Stay cool x

  2. Ooh, you look so good in hot pink Zara (or should I say you look so hot in good pink?!!). Perfect weather for picnics under shady trees.
    These temps are atrocious, aren't they? It topped 44C here today, and that was in the shade of our large Mulberry tree!

  3. Gorgeous, love little tienda one day a pretty green dress from there will ne in budget!

  4. I love their clothing. I think I may have to treat myself to a dress for my Birthday. You look gorgeous and summery xo

  5. Loving the hot pink on you Zara! Yes, it's uncomfortably hot down here too, 38 degrees tomorrow apparently. Hope you find a way to keep cool, we'll be unleashing the hose and water pistols I think :-) ..Mel x

  6. so bright and gorgeous!! xx

  7. Love love love Little Tienda - this looks great on you Zara! x


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