Thursday, 3 October 2013

in the garden.

spring for me is about getting out in the garden and seeing the plants almost growing before my very eyes.

i'm awaiting the seeds of rainbow, yellow pear and cocktail cherry tomatoes from Green Harvest to emerge from their soil-filled cardboard tubes. golden nugget pumpkin and spacemaster cucumber shouldn't be far off sprouting too.
the society garlic and comfrey cuttings sit by the back step in their concrete pots, reminding me to fill the watering can up and give them a drink.

upon the kitchen bench sits a pyrex bowl overflowing with fresh eggs. the squawking that can be heard indicates another warm egg is ready for collection.

it really is a lovely time of year to be outside in the sunshine planning, working and dreaming for the months ahead.

how is your garden coming along? what seeds are you planting at the moment?

in Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt
- Margaret Atwood


  1. I love this time of year too! Your garden is looking fantastic Zara. Our tomato and cucumbers have already started to sprout but with the cold change in weather this week I'm hoping they won't be affected too much :( We also brought home a chicken coop the other day. .. Just waiting on our fluffy friends to arrive! Enjoy your garden. ..

    Sophie xo

  2. My garden is at the opposite end of the life cycle now but I'm looking forward to planting some new spring bulbs and maybe a few perennial shrubs.

  3. I always enjoy your garden pics Zara. This long weekend D is going to lay down compost and hay for planting tomatoes, cucumber,chilli,parsley.Its still to cold for basil yet .Our chicks are thriving in the brooder but I am anxious that they may not be girls! xx

  4. Hi Zara. Your shots are superb. I love the dewdrop on the second photo with the teeny tiny reflection...sublime. I'm getting in the garden too, today.. fertilising and composting. It's a sunny slightly cool day here.. just lovely

  5. Your gardens looks simply perfect Zara. Love your photos. Your chooks sound very productive too! I am planting watermelon, rockmelon and summer squash at the moment. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Beautiful photos Zara. And what a wonderful quote. It's so true.x

  7. The colour of the rainbow chard and that shot of the dew drop are amazing.
    I have only planted some basil and parsely, I'm still decinding on what to plant veg wise this year.

  8. It is such a lovely time to be outdoors, I agree. I have the Spring cleaning bug though so am de cluttering and cleaning inside quite a bit. I'm loving the crab apple booms here too!

  9. I'm planting out Geraniums grown from cuttings taken in early Autumn. Because I will be away at the end of the month, I haven't planted tomatoes yet, I'll buy established plants on my return.
    I love the Margaret Attwood quote, I truly fitted that description by late afternoon. It has been a perfect day for gardening.


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