Thursday, 28 March 2013

vignette it.


little vignettes from around the house.
yesterday was inspection day so a good excuse to change around the decor (and give all those surfaces a good dust).
with all the op-shopping and collecting there are very few bare shelves, tables or cupboard tops here.
but i like it that way. i love being able to display pieces, to change them around as the desire strikes. to make new vignettes with new favourite pieces as a starting point.
for me the most aesthetically appealing vignettes feature:
- objects of differing heights
- a natural element: a vase of flowers or a sprig of herbs, foliage, a birds nest
- an uneven number of pieces
- layered objects for interest and depth
- a variety of textures
- connection: a theme: floral, kitchen, colour

think outside the box when putting your shelf/table/desk/cupboard top display together:
- jars full of feathers, seed pods or buttons
- prints, magazine images, postcards and washi tape
- trays and plates
- twine, ribbon and string
- teacups and milk jugs as vases
- favourite books (stacked to create height & a platform for another object)
- framed artwork and photos

do you have a favourite vignette in your home? did the objects just 'come' together when grouped?


  1. I want your washi tape stash! :-)

  2. My favourite pic is your cutlery. I love grouping like objects and shift them constantly around. My other half says it makes him dizzy!

  3. You have beautiful taste and style Zara. I'm in love with your metal cutlery containers and your crockery cabinet. You have a lot of plates there! You know how Vignettes fare in this household, they tend to get re-arranged, moved or taken by the kids so lose their Vignette status :-) Thank you so much for your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Mel x

  4. Wow, your house is gorgeous! I love your washi tape holders - great idea.

  5. Love your washi tape! Your house looks amazing with all of your treasures. Can't wait till my youngest is over the pulling everything apart phase and I can put together wee treasure displays like yours. xo

  6. love them all....that vintage woollies fan is a hoot!...of course!!.store your plates under the why didn't I think of that! happy easter x

  7. These are such beautiful vignettes! Thanks for sharing them, and your tips! :)

  8. Zara all your collections are beautiful but I especially love the cutlery stored in old loaf tins - fab!

  9. You'd make a great stylist, Zara. Have you contacted Country Style magazine about a job?(and I'm not joking).
    My vignettes don't usually amount to more than a pile of clutter, except for my collection of little brown jugs.
    Ummm, is the plate collection growing rapidly, or had I not realized how large the collection is?!
    Happy Easter. x


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