Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vintage Finds and the Week that was..

A spot of cross stitch for 50c.

This set of pale mint green coloured Johnson crockery, half a dozen each of large dinner plates, smaller dinner plates, bread and butter plates and bowls.

Another Johnson plate (50c) and the contents of a jar of buttons ($2).

This week has proved a bit of a stressful one. Firstly our cats, both inside pets, escaped outside, we live near a busy main road, so of course we were very worried. We found our first cat 'Tilly' the next morning, after a sleepless night, hiding in a garden bed close to home, but our second cat, 'FiFi' is yet to be found, this happened mid week, so it's not looking to promising for her return.


New graduate positions were also released on Friday for those completing their Bachelor of Nursing this year, and I was majorly disappointed to think I did not get a position at my first hospital preference, but then the next day I received an email and I had in fact been offered a full time position near Orange, NSW for next year, so I guess it was meant to be. I haven't been to Orange before, any fellow bloggers live there or know the area, I'd love to hear about it.

So with a move now a definite in the new year the sorting and getting rid of all the accumulated 'stuff' begins. Currently I've placed a box labelled 'Op shop' in nearly every room in the house, with the thought that if the box is within easy reach then there's no excuse to not to get rid of whatever it is that is no longer being used or is no longer wanted. The boxes are already being filling up, so I'll classify that idea as a success. Anyone have any other tried and tested methods of decluttering their homes? 

Wishing you one and all a wonderful week ahead. x


  1. I'm falling in love with cross stitch too. I regularly declutter, usually by having one box and box only for stuff to keep that doesn't have a place in the house of it's own already. If it does seem drastic it does work and I haven't 'missed' anything I parted with in this way x

  2. Sorry to hear about your pussy cat Zara I hope she turns up safely soon.
    I love the pale green colour of the Johnson Bros, it's lovely.
    You have an exciting year ahead by the sounds of it...just think of all those new op-shops waiting for you to explore in Orange!

  3. I bet Orange is chockers with Op Shops. Really. You'll have a ball. Congratulations on getting a placement!

    I hope Fifi turns up, I really do. I can imagine how worried you'd be. Keep us all posted.

  4. Congrats on the position! I hope FiFi shows up soon. Those buttons look very cute I like the strawberry ones.

  5. Oh my I collect buttons and you have ome real scores there. Lovely!

  6. Oh Zara I hope Fifi is visiting someone and returns to you soon.

    Love the pretty green crockery and the buttons of course. I predict Orange is full of oppies too:)

  7. Cool stuff! Cute cat!

  8. I love buying a jar full of buttons and then getting home and digging through them. Looks like you got some lovely ones. Hope that your cat returns home soon.

  9. That cross-stitch piece is beautiful. I also love the buttons; I am a button freak and just love seeing everyone's button collections.

  10. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty - I do hope she turns up safe and sound...

    As for your finds - wonderful! I can't believe that cross stitch was only 50c, what a bargain! And buttons, I love buttons!

  11. Zara, your finds are divine, I love the cross stitch but the buttons are simply gorgeous. My neighbour is from Orange and I think you will love it, It's quite the place for city folk to visit..........hoping your kitty turns up, sometimes they can vanish for weeks and still turn up.

  12. buttons AND mint green johnson?! LOVE! what pretty finds this week. i'm havigng a declutter too, spring always feels like the best time. best of luck with your kitty, positive vibes coming your way. x

  13. I hope Fifi turns up. So sorry. Fingers crossed.

    I've been to Orange a couple of times for long weekends away and loved it. Great food and countryside.


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