Tuesday, 18 October 2011


At the moment there is a whole lot of list making happening. My final Uni placement is done, only one assignment left to complete; followed by a couple of months of no Uni commitments for the first time in three years; and a move to Orange in the new year to be planned, the scrap pieces of paper are quickly filling with all those important, ever growing lists.

Sewing and Craft List
- a patchwork quilt using the fat quarters from this swap, with inspiration from Karlyn's Springtime quilt
- tea towel market bags using this CurlyPops tutorial, and maybe a couple as gifts for the fast approaching Christmas
- a spot of cross stitch, with this sweet bird house pattern looking like a good place to start

Shopping List
- Choc honeycomb and malt biscuits (for this recipe. One of the nurses on placement brought this in, and it sure tasted delicious)
- Coconut milk (to give this a try) to use as the filling with this sponge cake

Christmas Wishlist
- one of these food dehydrators
- a couple of metres of this beautiful Ink & Spindle fabric
- Permaculture handbook
- Another gardening book
- Sofia and Isabella's cook book
- this looks like an interesting tree change story
- Lark goodies, including a cute hole punch, and how much more fun would washing up be using this beauty

Moving List
- organising a place to live near Orange, and all that comes with it (Internet, phone, redirecting mail)
- sorting through the accumulation of 'stuff' that finds its way into every drawer, cupboard and wardrobe
- possible garage sale
- listing some no longer needed items on Free Cycle and Gumtree
- compare costs (both time and money) to hire a removalist, hire a small truck, or borrow a Ute and trailer
- start collecting packing boxes and newspapers
- and all those fun cleaning tasks involved in vacating our current place- cleaning those out of sight, out of mind dusty light fittings, plus the venetian blinds, washing windows, cleaning out the back of the kitchen cupboards etc. etc.

And with all the tidying and sorting going on I have unearthed a number of forgotten about treasures, I think I may just have the beginnings of my very first giveaway, so stay tuned.

What's on your list?


  1. You have a couple of busy months a head of you with your big move. I have a million lists in my head, currently to do with packing.

  2. I am such a 'lists' girl, only trouble is I keep adding to them before they are complete.

    Good luck with getting through all that, you are sure gonna be busy.


  3. Moving is always a pain, but you have so many other cool things on your lists. I will definitely be whipping up some of this bags too, how fun. As for my lists I shall not mention how many have going at the moment as I am failing terribly at the moment with it all.


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