Sunday, 1 February 2015

swapped dress.

a little while bag Taz and I decided to have our own little dress swap. we both like bright and floral so into the stash we went. This is the dress Taz made for me. It's stunning and a real crisp cotton.
You can see the dress I made for Taz here on her blog butter and buntings. I chose a retro floral in teals and purples and a shift style beach dress pattern.
it was such fun sewing a dress for Taz. She's even thinking of hosting a dress swap so if you're interested in joining in, let us know.


  1. Love both dresses. Just popped over to Taz's blog to have a sticky beak. Fantastic idea. I am interested in joining in!

  2. I went and had a goosey gander at your dress that you made..lovely colour- you both did a great job and the patterns are versatile enough to accommodate sizing without having to be fitted precisely.

  3. What a really great idea. I can't think of a better way for women to support home makings and send much sisterhood to each other. The fabric and cut looks fantastic on you.

  4. Love the yellows - and I checked yours out on Taz's blog too - you've both made such lovely dresses for each other, what a great idea! :)

  5. oh wow, gorgeous! I love that print and love the one you made too. Cute, cute! xx

  6. Amazing looks, floral patterns in clothing for woman always make you look more fresh, with a natural "feel" I might say.


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