Monday, 29 September 2014


Fire King mug in a design I haven't seen about before now ($1)
pretty little teaspoons
mustard floral tablecloth ($3)
Actil sheets ($2 each)
3 new scarves for the collection. 2 Ken Done's and one that reminds me of a Liberty design ($1 each)



  1. What a bright, happy collection Zara! I have not seen that Fire King design before either. Have a great week! x

  2. Nice score Zara. It's amazing how much Ken Done there was around and yet its so hard to find now,especially scarves xxx

  3. Oh I do love that fire king the colour texture are delightful.

  4. are they bishop spoons look like what i remember of the ones mum had they came in six in velvet lined box and were used for afternoon tea with the best china
    elizabeth s

  5. Love your finds. That Fire King pattern is called Kimberly.

  6. Hi Zara! It's been a while since I visited my blogging friends so I'm just popping in to say hi :) I love your fabulous op shop finds! I don't seem to have much luck when I visit our local op shops! Great to see you are still blogging, I will pop in again soon, Regards, Ruth (MrsW from Come Smell the Roses)

  7. Apostle spoons! Great find! Here's a bit of info about the individuals,


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