Sunday, 29 June 2014

stills: roadside oranges

1. $3 op-shopped art
2. weekend watching. a lovely little story about living small and the tiny house movement
3. hallway d├ęcor
4. my two go-to bags
5. this weeks reading material
6. roadside fruit stall oranges


  1. So cheery Zara, have a great week and stay warm x

  2. Gosh, I love that white satchel. Beautiful shots, as always. Have a great week, Zara xxx

  3. Love the last pic Zara - as you know I'm very fond of orange :)

  4. A beautiful pop of colour to chase the Wintery chills xx
    I have seen the DVD all over blogland - is it a good watch?

  5. gorgy photos, as always, Zara:) x

  6. am also interested to see if the dvd was worth a watch and love your satchels must make one similar but want to make it out of wool fabric ,got to find what i like first though. eliz s

  7. So much goodness! That film is on the top of my to watch list! Looks fabulous x


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