Sunday, 4 May 2014

stills: pumpkin

1. the cutest little church I ever did see. this one held a lovely little display of quilts at today's Collector Pumpkin Festival
2. pumpkins galore
3. pumpkin fruit cake purchase
4. posters up
5. a little vignette
6. a rather bare vegie garden at the moment


  1. Quilts in a church :) How very country. I found a lovely recipe for pumpkin bread that I'll be trying this week which will probably go down well at your place! A lovely week to you Zara.

    Sophie xo

  2. Always room for dessert but I do appreciate the setiment. Home grown pumpkins? beautiful colour.
    Zara do you want some salt and pepper shakers from Johnson to add to your collection I bought them with you in mind?

  3. So beautifully captured as always Zara. Have a great week x

  4. My mum has that very same orange mixing you've been and made me feel all homesick now lol. Everywhere I look in Blog Land, I see pumpkins - I think I need to buy a few! I'm getting a roasted pumpkin craving.

  5. Yum that fruit cake looks yum. Love the colour schemes you are doing recently. xx

  6. your pics are beautiful!! makes me wanna jump in the car RIGHT NOW and head out of the city to the country for a while xx

  7. Love that church and your posters are really cute:) My veggie garden feels a little bare too. Hopefully I'll fill it up about you? x


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