Saturday, 8 February 2014


one of my hopes for 2014 is to support ethical, handmade and small business as much as I can. i've signed up for the ethical fashion pledge over at Pip's. i've also pledged my support to a couple of pozible campaigns.

have you heard of pozible before? it's a crowd funding site that aims to help ideas and aspirations happen. you can read more about the what, how, who and why of pozible here.

one campaign that I'm supporting at the moment is Pip: Australian permaculture magazine.
the magazine is described as... 'where you can learn how to retrofit your home to make it more energy efficient, get great ideas that you can implement into your own productive food gardens, find recipes that are seasonal and use simple whole foods and read about other like-minded people who are doing inspiring things.'
fundraising is currently at 83% and with 18 days to go Robyn Rosenfeldt, the editor, publisher and creator of Pip magazine can nearly call the magazine a success.

have you come across pozible before? what do you think of it?

the most powerful thing we can do to change the world is to create the world we do want rather than trying to stop the world we don’t want.
David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture


  1. Thanks for the heads up Zara! xxx

  2. I've supported a project on Pozible before - I love the idea of it, such a great way of supporting artists and bringing new ideas about. It's so hard for people to get funding these days so I think it's brilliant. I've also seen athletes using crowd funding - which I think is great as well, especially for female athletes who don't often get as much coverage or funding as male athletes.

  3. This sounds really interesting...I'm off to find out more!

  4. Yes! I supported an artist last year through pozible. It's just awesome isn't?! Such a great concept.

  5. Love possible, it's such an incredible way to self publish and leave out the mess and the middle men. I will definitely check out the mag campaign, thanks for the heads up.


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